It officially happened...
Accidentally used rm -rf /*
(Actual command was a bit more involved, but it did pretty much the same thing)

Laptop doesn't boot now. Saved my home directory though.


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    At least your dotfiles didn't get hurt.
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    Ever heard of tab-completion?
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    The bad news is: you will eventually do this again :/ backup regularly
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    What was the full actual command? I like to learn from others mistakes.
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    @Diactoros was trying out bedrock Linux, which allows you to use multiple package managers without them conflicting by sandboxing them... I think.

    Installed a minimal Ubuntu, and wanted to delete it to install a different version.

    rm -rf /bedrock/strata/*

    I think either rm followed a symlink, or I had my Arch installation mounted in there as well without noticing. And suddenly it was hallway destroyed before I noticed.

    Good times. Deleted that Ubuntu strata too though, so there's that.
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