I had to create an account on a website. I used LastPass to generate a strong password. I entered it and got the following message:
"Password must be between 8 and 16 characters and must have special characters (? , ! & #) and numbers"
My password was 20 characters, me annoyed to generate a 16 character password. Filled it in and got the same error. That was it for me.
Who dafuq limits a password to 16 characters, that's fucking nothing. It did not accept all special characters, only the ones that were showed (like 5 or so).
And here comes the worst part...
It's a bank website! I had to create the most most most insecure password in history for it to work.

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    What bank is that, if you don't mind sharing?
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    Was your password "qwerty123" ? xD
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    A French bank service uses a 6 digits code. You enter it through a randomised virtual keyboard, but still.
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    @ayushk something like that yes.
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    Honestly tired of seeing this shit every day... Banks allow like 5 wrong attempts, it makes no difference if your password is 10 characters or 5000 characters long...
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    I thought it was good practice not to limit the characters in a password field.
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    Lol i had the same experience, as well with a Bank app. Generated it with KeePass 2 though, 256bit password, this huge string and it didn't pass. Seriously? What's more secure than that?
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    @sSam But still, if your password is less secure, there's a higher chance of it getting guessed. Better take a strong password than some stupid easily guessed password.
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