*eating at the local pizza restaurant*
me to waitress: hey do u guys support Bitcoin?
waitress: Yes we do!
me: great! I'd like to pay.
*waitress passes over the bill*
*i open my wallet and pull out a physical Bitcoin*
*waitress stares really confused at my Bitcoin with the scanner device in her hand*

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    That bitcoin is actually beautiful
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    wow how much have you ordered in this restaurant that you have to pay 1 bitcoin
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    @lucaIO guess someone was veeeery hungry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    And wow, are physical bitcoins a thing? *blink blink* 😢😢😢
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    @Kamaropoulos Well, you could print out a Bitcoin icon with your private key on it :D
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    @Kamaropoulos they have been a thing for quite a while, there are some small companies that make them even out of gold/silver, with some very beautiful designs.

    Ofc you can also get the cheap steel/brass versions from china for a few bucks :D

    Some even include a qr code with the private keys of a wallet (either engraved on the back, or printed on a slip of paper hidden inside), but no sane person would use that unless they made it themselves
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    @lucaIO I was hoping to get some change
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    @Kamaropoulos there was a limited run of physical Bitcoins that had a private key to a wallet that contained exactly 1 BTC on the back under one of those scratch to reveal things.

    There have been others from random companies since then, but no idea if they're actually legit. In the case above, those coins really did have 1 BTC in the wallets.
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    Ask for change
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    Do they have to shave bits off of it to give you your change?
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    @lucaIO What’s BTC at now? $20? 🀣
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    @mroach It's currently at 2$, will probably never rise. You can send me the ones you have, I can give you 3$ for each.
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    @mroach I can do $4, just because it's you xD
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    She must have been thinking

    “Aww this poor retarded guy doesn’t understand”
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    "I'd like to order some french fries and coke, along with a side of your restaurant's ownership papers dipped in low fat mayo"
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    There are actually restaurants accepting bitcoins? Lucky you.
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