I have really found something that I really like, and that is email servers.
I cant explain it but it is so satisfying

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    Freak. 😅
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    I set up a mail server once, never again...
    But Good for you. 😁
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    Set filters now antispam, antivirus to scan and make sure nobody will hack it because if they do you will be new spam provider.. do not see point anymore set up myself if i can use mailgun to send emails
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    I remember when you could telnet into most smtp servers and send an email using any address... Fun times
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    Oh no. Tried that once. Also building html mails for newsletter and such is a pain in the ass. If it's email I'll keep my distance.

    But you have fun :P
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    You still can m8
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    @Linux Yeah, but now you usually have to log in
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    Amavisd and strict rules prevent that :) I have had my own mailserver for years and not a single spam mail has been sent from my server.
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    @Wack Been there, done that, and I was trying to use React with it. Possibly some of the most hair loss I've encountered...

    Worked though...!

    On a different note, I have to get my first email server up, running and secure this week... That's going to be fun...
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    @Jamoyjamie wait? React in emails? What?!?
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    @Wack It was convoluted...!

    Basically we wanted MaterialUI React components in the email in order to match the rest of the site, and we all were working in React so it was nice to have everything the same.

    It involved prerendering the React page to static HTML in a node instance during our bundling of the client JS with webpack. Then there were then tonnes of hoops to shoot through...

    We to insert user's names in so we had to have non-standard HTML attributes for our templating engine to inject into, that required some funky settings.

    We wanted everything centered and so we ended up with a HTML table with fixed columns each side to add margins to the page.

    We wanted out font to render (or as close as we could get) so we had to use the HTML <font> tag but React doesn't support that nor it's attributes so we had to write in some hacks to get that tag working as well...

    There was looooadddds more crap in there.

    It's simultaneously some of the best and worst code I've ever written.
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    ++ for Mailgun.

    Used to hate SMTP and mail server setup with a passion but with Mailgun that all changed. So easy.

    I use Mailgun to send and track WP emails now instead of the default phpMailer and it's been great.
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    @Vip3rDev used to hate smtp set up with postfix but now with gmail user registration it is so easy to set up smtp account
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