A story about RAM and being... well... not so clever...

I've built a mid-range gaming PC for a friend, based on skylake, with 8GB DDR4 RAM. So I filled up only 2 slots to leave 2 more for upgrade. So he decided to do so.
Later he calls me and says "Hey, can you visit me? My PC won't boot".
So I came and he told me what happened: he found a random RAM stick and decited to put it in. He somehow(wait for it) managed to do it and PC refused to boot. He removed this stick, but PC won't boot anyway.
Soo, when I came, he showed me a stick he found: a random ddr2-533mhz 512 mb stick. Ofc, MB was shocked to see "grandfather" and refused to boot. I looked at the post code, which said ram error, cleared the cmos and it booted just fine.

Check compatability, young builders, and use Google if you're unsure :)

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    How was that DDR2 ram able to fit in? don't they have a different slot?

    and I think that motherboard needs replacement, there is no big difference between 2GHz and 500MHz :3
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    Well, they have "gap" at almost the same spot, so maybe you can fit ddr2 into ddr4, I didn't tried to do so :D he said it didn't went all the way in
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
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    @arturnmk it didn't?
    hmmm... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Do you still have problems these days with the number of RAM chips, and some motherboards not liking anything less than 8 chips on a plug in card ?
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    @gitpush I've heard stories of people jamming in all kinds of stuff into wrong ports, with enough determination a lot is possible.
    I once managed to push in a miniDP cable the wrong way before I noticed something was wrong.
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    @deadlyRants my mistake is usually putting usb in ether net input in the laptop lol
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    How about putting power plug in the Ethernet? :D
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    @arturnmk even cooler XD XD XD
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    @arturnmk that gives power over ethernet a whole new look 🤔
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    Agh, non-techie people should not put computers together.

    I also think PC gamers need to learn the basics of PC hardware and be able to build their computers themselves.
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