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    Me: maybe I can tweak it to remove the bloat
    *5 hours later*
    Me: mmhh nope let's go back to xfce
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    @pwar oml, I instantly love you. Welcome to devRant
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    *installs blender*
    *renders anything at all*
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    God bless mate
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    I3 is best but need to use gnome on tablet since touch.
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    @Haxk20 tell me more about l3, I know what it is and have seen plenty of salted screenshots on /r/unixporn but just tell me about it from a users perspective and why it's the best.
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    @Noob Its verrrrrryyyyyyyy customizable i mean like anything you see in it is customizable and its blazing fast.
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    ... but not only everything is customizable, you will also need to customize everything to make it in any way usable.
    First you define your hotkeys. Than which program you want to use to launch applications. dmenu? rofi? j4-dmenu? something?
    Which terminal emulator do you want?
    Do you want a hotkey for that terminal to launch or are you fine launching it over the launcher application?
    Do you need a status bar? Should it display something? How should it display something?
    Wait... What? What is that pointer-thing you have there? A "mouse"? Well... Weird.
    Oh... You can click on things?
    So... You also want to launch things by clicking on the status bar? Wtf? You can configure that. But it's still weird.
    You use programs with popups, that don't fit into i3 window managing... Good luck.
    Wayland? Hey, I'm SWAY now. I can use Wayland. Forget about i3. I just don't get your keyboard layout.

    I still love i3 and allways use it as main DE.
    But for a newbie it must be really weird.
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    @Haxk20 It's light weight is the most obvious part :)

    @Anaeijon that's a really good explanation.
    I should try it on a VM now!
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    @Noob You can simply install it on your main distro.
    i3 itself doesn't conflict with anything.
    Whenever I set up some new distro I always install i3 or sway as a backup desktop environment, which I can simply call from terminal, for example if some display drivers are broken and 3d acceleration (which is needed -as far as I know - at least by gnome, KDE, Mate, Budgie etc.) doesn't work.
    Then I copy the i3 settings from my main Laptop and get a running environment I'm used to on every system without sacrificing much resources.
    Just select it in your desktop manager as desktop environment after boot.
    This has the benefit, that you can still run and use all the tools from your other desktop environment by calling them manually through dmenu.
    It helped me understanding all the components of KDE and how far they tie into each other when I first switched from KDE to i3.
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