I want a TV program like "Kitchen Nightmares" but with IT companies.
And with Linus Torvalds in place of Gordon Ramsey

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    That will be one of the best shows !!!!!
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    That would be beautiful
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    None has registered that account?!
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    I think Elon Musk might be better choice.
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    Yes please!
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    We need Theo (from openbsd)!
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    No need for tv program: it already happens publicly irl
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    I think I have never seen Linus talk, but I have the impression that he is too nice for that show. No?
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    Linus is a nice guy any day if you compare him against Theo de Raadt. 😄Linus described him as difficult, but he would be the ultimate Ramsey.
    If you don't know who he is, well you should, after all you have used openssh right? Thank him for the ssh fork.
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    Copy write this shit and email the people that make silicone valley, they get it. At least the get the dollar signs that roll around in their eyes haha. I would love this to be a show
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