Is learning VIM worth it?

I have some (probably unjustified) prejudices to it - I find it rather visually unattractive. But it seems to me also that it boosts productivity.

So do you recommend it and what is least painful way to learn it?

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    Only superficially, yes. But only because it can be used on practically any Linux server, the same could be said of nano tho. For every day ussage I personally don't think its worth it. But mostly because my Job requires ides and for everything else i've had luck with vs code and sublime.
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    @7root I think I'll try this combo as a start for learning Vim. I really like VScode
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    I think its time for me to have a look at VSCode..
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    out of the box vim is "ugly" but with this vimrc this changes quickly.

    GitHub - amix/vimrc: The ultimate Vim configuration: vimrc
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    I use pure vim only if I use the terminal (like raspberry pi), which I do a lot,

    But otherwise, I use the vim emulators/vim integration/vim something options in all editors
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