I actually like to code with JavaScript.

It's a terrible language, yes, but I find it fun to work with.

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    You shouldn't give a shit about what people think of the languages you use. The only thing you should worry about is that its well organized and properly documented code.
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    I agree with @Null-Device. It is a nice language for visual designs and browser application
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    I like programming in JS too. That's is why I'm pursuing Full Stack Web Development
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    JavaScript is the second programming language I learned (after PHP), and it has always been a guilty pleasure.

    But I always try to avoid using any libraries, such as jQuery.
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    ++ for the last tag;
    And btw, code with what you 🤬 want
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    I don't mind using jquery for coding speed sake. I can code without it if I want full control and maximum speed, but its helper functions are really damn useful and the code it's more clear imho with it.
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    @ramen jQuery is definitely not good. Constantly modifying the DOM using selectors is slow, error prone and simply bad practice in general. There's a reason Vue.js, Angular and React exists...
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    @NGPixel I absolutely love Vue.js. my favorite library to work with.
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    @ramen jQuery is not good there is no reason to use it in 2018. If you only need certain fuctions of jquery use specific lodash modules.
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    just sayin. though not a good idea, you can do everything in js. even machine learning
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    @framework true but you need the framework which will
    probably be in some of the commonly used machine learning languages , and anyway, js should stay where it is
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    No shame in JavaScript. Just adhere to secure coding practices.
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    JavaScript language is good in its ways but a lot of JavaScript written is bad. When we don't see good code we think the language is bad.

    Given the new ES6 and ES7 things are moving forward. And I am happy they are now natively supporting a lot of basic stuff that is required by modern web apps.
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    Everything is easy unless you make it complicated.
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    I find quite the opposite. I think JavaScript is a good language but I don't like working with it.
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    Javascript is love, Javascript is life
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    I was avoiding js as a plague, until forced to learn and use it ... now I kinda like it, not using any libs
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