I hate printers. I dream of the day they become fully obsolete.

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    Sometimes I have really really complicated code to deal with. Tens or hundreds of different variables within 500 lines of code spread over 3-4 files, that is all part of a completely fucked up logic.

    I like to print the code on paper, lay them out on a whiteboard with magnets, take a sharpie and connect the dots, to see what might cause a bug or how to add a feature.
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    @Null-Device that makes me sad.

    @ramen I would learn to live without it...

    This one doesn't hard-line either Ethernet or usb... And disagrees with all my passwords (and wps, which I'm trying as a last resort)
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    @ramen fax machine
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    @Null-Device I can honestly say, when I left a previous job I was never more satisfied in life to not have to deal with one of those again,m.😁
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    Yes.so much yes! Btw. If you have a toner: normally you can reset it, by just release a spring...
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    Next year or the year after, I'm not entirely sure, I plan to get a 3D printer.

    I hear they are worse !

    I wish I could get one big enough to 3D print furniture and save me having to make it the old fashioned way with wood !

    Mind you, you could print smaller pieces as jigsaw pieces..
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    @Nanos I've owned a 3D printer for a while now. They definitely require more maintenance and technical knowledge to operate. But it's worth it. I love it. Of course, the fancier you get, the easier it is (sensors, automatic calibration, etc)
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    "Printing is not supported on this printer" 😂
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    Yeah who needs paper
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