What do you guys prefer out of Bootstrap and W3CSS?

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    Bootstrap == meeeh
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    None of them, CSS Grid and do everything myself. Only way to get it to my style.
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    @Dacexi I started off doing it all on my own but have recently been learning Bootstrap and W3CSS. I figured it would be a good idea to learn them anyway.
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    As Dacexi stated it out...
    I rather do it myself than trying other frameworks and stuff out.
    It has these advantages:
    You learn more
    You know how to solve something way faster
    You can be proud of it
    Plus, less reading (through documentations)
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    That's why I don't get jQuery users. OK, it makes everything easier.
    But still. If you are on your own without any of these things, then you can not do shit without the jQuery.
    I'm not saying you should abandon it.
    Use it! But also try to write the same thing in pure Javascript.
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