OMG fuck yeah!

Today I was workin' on my CSS framework, made a couple of cool functions for generating hsla() colors with a customizable lightness and opacity. Using calc() for multiplying the default lightness by the value passed in parameter to the function.

"It's working perfectly in Chrome and Edge, cool! Now let's check in Firefox, but if it's okay on Edge, I'm pretty confident..."

Except, that's a failure: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_b...

At that point, I started to rant alone. Properly. Like: "why this feature is still not implemented, people are waiting for it since YEARS!! Fuckin' browsers war!!!"

I was already thinking to drop a big angry post on here, when I noticed something : https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US...

So I update Firefox Developer Edition and, IT WORKS!

This feature was needed since years and the FF team brings it just when I need it. What was the chance ? I feel happy :)

Conclusion: sometimes ranting is the easy way. Calm down, try harder and you can find the solution!

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