You know what I'm CONSTANTLY trying to improve on? Time. With my career out ahead of me, I feel like I gotta get a stopwatch going for myself on my personal projects. It took me hours throughout the weekend to get a stupid table UI and JSON serialization system working on a small project. Meanwhile I remember two guys created a Pokémon Go client in a couple days (back when I had a Windows Phone that didn't have one). Like, how important is time in the industry? A lot according to the memes.

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    @d3vnu11 well thats slightly extreme, if thats without any exceptions. It's nice to set time"groups" in which you dedicate yourself to a certain task and split your week and days (thats how workhours work too), but having every single hour planned out is simply too busy and near impossible (some jobs are sometimes managed like that, but not an entire life).

    Maybe you could elaborate a bit more on how exactly you manage it? As I really have only once in my life encountered somebody that did actually plan entire days down to the minute with a timetracker peeping when the next task should start.

    Though as expected he was burned out pretty fast for his age after some years.
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    Discipline equals Freedom
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