(applying to a developer position)
interviewer : So, do you like to code?
me : of course!
interviewer : Are you sure? because this is a developer position and women prefer something more administrative than coding.
me : Wow! nobody told me that before. If I had known I wouldn't have studied this.
didn't expect to be called back after that...

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    Interviewer: whats your favorite colour?

    you: blue

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    @stevenliemberg @alice the answer is #424242
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    That is weird. I thought they wanted "Diversity."
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    It would have been great if you walked after the "are you sure?" question without saying a word.
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    @ribchinski they meant one man from each country
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    @ribchinski diversity wasn't trendy yet
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    What a fucking asshole.
    I'd do anything to steal a girl developer for my team, if she's qualified. I'd even shave off my beard for the interview, so as not to scare a potential candidate.

    Reason is simple: everybody hates a gender-exclusive team.

    Even HR have a guy in their team, WTF why can't I have an engineer who is a girl?!

    Anyway, that is a huge idiot, good thing you didn't waste your time.
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