I did it! I learnt vim!


Oh wait, how do you exit again?

This is how it feels with me and vim, every time I think I know it, it turns out there's a whole batch of shortcuts I had no idea existed :"(

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    This will never stop. You can use Vim for years and still stumble upon stuff you've never heard of. Did you know Vim has an integrated spellchecker with dictionaries in multiple languages?

    There are so many features in that tiny program it's insane.

    YouTube has many recordings from talks about Vim that will blow your mind.
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    Better get started then :]
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    :q! or just turn off your pc, cause no matter what, you cant escape!
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    @dotPy taking the battery out of the laptop usually also does the job
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    But it's a tablet, I'm doomed!

    rip me ;-;
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