Protip to get free upvotes on Stackoverflow:

Ask something about Behat and make sure your questions looks smart. No one will ever answer but you'll get lots upvotes. FML.

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    What is Behat? *trying to look smart*
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    @IAmNotARobot it's a "BDD" tool, meaning it's used to test a website's behavior, whatever how it's running (java, ruby, node.js, php), as long as you can click on links.

    The fun part is that you write your sentences in english, and Behat will translate it into PHP and will run the test, returning exception only if something you wrote isn't true, and if you write a sentence that it doesn't understand, you have to develop it yourself, and it's quite enjoyable 😁👌

    The main problem is that I can't manage to run Selenium with that since Firefox's big update, and it seems that no one in this universe ever tried to do what I'm trying to do, even though what I'm doing looks like basic shit 😭
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    @Drillan767 this sounds like it's an interesting tool 😃 unfortunately I've only used selenium in java and python and mainly with chrome so I can't really help (and only here for the upvotes anyways 😂). But I looked around and other people had problems working with selenium webdriver in firefox quantum too so at least you are not completely alone 😅
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    @IAmNotARobot Yeah, moreover, I have the feeling that everyone is testing with Python or Java, maybe Ruby but no one ever does that in PHP... I feel so alone. I actually am considering moving to Python if I can't have any help whatsoever
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