I had an interview with facebook, asked me to write something that sorts points on a parabola. Wrote it in java, tested output every step of the way with the interviewer watching.

Said they didn't like that I wrote pseudocode. You know, the kind that compiles and takes in dynamic input and prints the answer correctly to the console.

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    They should make a skit about this, management do a tech interview or something. I can't believe a coder would do this to another coder.
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    Bunch of fuckwits
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    Next time try using jsfuck. It will run on any browser with ecma script capability and he won't notice errors you made, even if he tried.
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    @Alice facebook is one of the worst optimised websites I've ever seen
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    @hellvetica try the Facebook app. It has two basic requirements large ram, large storage. Output you already know shitty UX
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    @arpit1997 i rarely use facebook but when i do i use it in a browser on my phone
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