Some time ago I went for a job interview (Unity3D Dev). I have little experience in this field and never thought that I would get this job but wanted to gain some and thought that it would be a great opportunity.
So after the interview, which was great and I really enjoyed it, I've been tasked with making a simple minigame. Only requirements were that there have to be player controls, character must avoid obstacles and camera must be moving with player's progress. I've made a little spin on those. In 2d minigame I've created you are piloting simple (made out of 3d primitives) rocket. You have to avoid randomly spawned platforms. If you hit one, you explode. You also die, if you hit a wall or fall out of camera and hit Destroyer. Camera is constantly moving as long as you are moving. The spin is that you have very limited fuel. To regain it you have to land on said platforms with your thrusters. It took me around 12h to make this game. The only reason I know it is because they wanted this info. I've learned a bit while working on this minigame and had a lot of fun. It was a great impuls to start learning gamedev again and stop stagnation I fell in when I started my studies and work.
Today I've got response. Obviously I didn't get the job. They took more experienced person and I totally understand that. But there's more. They were so great to give me pretty extensive review of what was done good, what could be done better and how to gather more experience. They said that the game met their expectations and was written well. That's great, because I was worried that it would be bad since I haven't worked on graphics at all.
So, at least I got an impulse to start learning and maybe I'll even go for some game jam!

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    Thats really cool, i had a similiar situation when i was younger and this really helped me grow. I hope you'll find a great job in the game industry soon :)
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    @Hammster Well, there are next to zero offers where I live (PoznaƄ, Poland) but I'll surely keep an eye on the offers. Maybe if I'll go on a game jam I will find someone hiring. Or I could just start working on my own simple games and gather experience.
    The only real problem is that I'm afraid to drop the learning pace and start multiplying my own mistakes in code. Without any real senior developer I'm on my own, just like in my current workplace, and because of that my growth is very limited.
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    @Agred poznan is somewhat close to berlin, and 90% of the german studios are there. Maybe you can give that a try.
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    @Hammster I'd love to but sadly I don't know German and need to finish studies first :)
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