Arg! I'm ranting about the unofficial devrant extension nuuuuu!!!!!
I can't attach images, every time I click attach image and select the image, the notification box disappears and upon reopening, it's refreshed! Why bother with the link if it's gonna do dat!
Haxk20 wherever you are, heed my words!
(I felt guilty writing this mini rant)

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    Im sorry man but i cant do fucking shit about that.
    Trust me i tried reaaaaalllly tried but once firefox changed the entire API to chrome like API its completely fucked up and only thing you can do is comment on Rants as i do now trough it and write rants in it but you cant delete them because once you click away from the iframe the iframe closes and its gone.
    Then once you open it again its at devrant main page again.
    Way around this would be if @dfox could implement site fuction for deleting the rants or comments that way the prompt will be shown in iframe and it will not be closed.
    But uploading images is totally broken due to the new API.
    Also i cant get the notifs to work correctly because the extension only runs when you open the window and thats sucks.
    You may remember that before firefox changed API everything was fucking working as it should be but now its not due to fucked up API.
    Again im sorry man but i cant do shit about that and i really want it to work too.
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    Also i wanted the iframe to be bigger but well nooooooooooo its not possible again because once you want it bigger its completely fucked up and scrolling doesnt work at all because the page doesnt fit in iframe because its too big but iframe is not resizing with it.
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