Hey guys, I've always loved and adored what programmers and developers do, so I really do need your advice on this...
After around nine years in the journalism field, I'm considering a career shift into development, for many reasons including that the journalism field seems to be going down in my country, so I started where most recommendations would tell a beginner to start, learning HTML... Now, is it a good idea for starters to change my career into this magnificent and enormous field? I know it won't be easy, but is it possible to be something in that career?

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    Don't quit your job anytime soon. Just keep learning until you are fluent. Then maybe take on a few small freelance jobs and build up a resume, then you can start seeking employment within the field.
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    I dont think programmer is actually a career. So dont mind changing to it. Programming is just a set of tools you can learn, which let you utilitize the full power of computers. That means learning to program does not mean you have to swap careers, but rather to step up your game and enter a new level of what you are currently doing. Generally I would say tossing away years of experience in a field (which you picked at some point) because the business seems to die down (which it probably wont) is not a good idea.
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    Thank you for your comments guys, honestly I made this decision out of frustration that I cannot live my life depending on one skill, I'm not quitting just yet, I was asking if it is possible to be fluent in the first place, because I've never studied anything in this field before, I'm 26, married with two kids, so my life is already hell, I have determination to do it, but is it possible?
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    @Zain yes, go for it. If you are determined you can learn it. 26 is still pretty young, just pick it up and try to make some things. Join the unofficial devrant discord server so you can ask questions.
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    @Codex404 thanks for the motivation man, I really appreciate it :)
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    if you have access to youtube tutorials you will be fine :)
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