This stupid computer is in clamshell mode connected to my screen and mech %99.999999 of the time. I take it with me on a trip and the down arrow key breaks off (little plastic shit-thing snapped off)..WTF? 2013 Macbook that has about 5 hours of total keyboard-use, at best.

Walk into the Apple shop in Varna, 3 Euros and I'm back in action.

ahhhh fuck..it was probably my fault clacking too hard.

Good sushi here and my dry February has happily turned into large pints of Kamenitza...

Cheers from Bulgaria, you fucks..

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    I always clack way too hard on my macbook keys but they never break... What have you done? 🤔
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    No idea, I'm not even drunk. Funny thing is that the computer looks and works as it did when it first came out of the box. Not a cat hair on it....No idea.@localjoost
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    For some reason, at a quick glance I thought those were blades for a moment lol.
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    under a gram of plastic, Apple: Thatll make 3 bucks...
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    Well, to be honest I would have paid $10...anything more than $10 would be unreasonable. The fact the key was in stock, for a vintage Macbook?..I think $3 is overwhelmingly fair...they even had a little bowl of candies at the front counter, I took a handful, of course.@Mizz141
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