When you loose 15 minutes looking at why "padding: O;" isn't working... it's time for bed.


Yes that's the letter 'O' instead of a number '0'.

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    Bed - maybe.

    More like a good font.
    Seriously, people underestimate the importance of a good font.

    Get used to using a good font, and never even confuse 0 with O, I with l, etc.
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    @AndSoWeCode Fuck, I read food instead of font haha. Maybe I go also to sleep
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    @davide yeah, in that case - go hug a pillow :}
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    @AndSoWeCode True, but I wasn't even spotting the issue in the Google Chrome console (inspect element) and that's a font that is actually very readable ;) so the problem was really sitting between screen and keyboard :D
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    I have that with condig files :p
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    @lemnisc8 ligatures make it hard to edit code. You might not realize that fast and effortlessly where to put the cursor and what to delete. And differences between == and === might often be overlooked because of this as well.

    It's pretty, but definitely far from being practical.

    A practical font is one where you effortlessly distinguish between symbols in the shortest amount of time - while speed-reading through code.

    Don't mistake - all fonts have distinguishable characters except for sans-serif variable-space fonts with I and l. But when reading stuff fast, the mind is dumb, and it approximates things.

    For instance, a+=i can sometimes be confused with a+=1 if they are remotely similar looking. The brain doesn't go into too much details.

    The best font for everyone can be different, depending on eyesight and eye focusing errors. As well as font renderer used.

    My personal favorites overall are Input Mono, Source Code Pro, Hack.
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