I must say I'm not at all surprised!

Sorry for long shot.

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    This is not readable at all
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    @Kekica I just saw mate ! Some how app is not able to process such long image !
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    @Vikram maybe upload to 3rd party service like imgur and post link here? If this is allowed? :D
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    @Froot I know mate :( I tried modifying couple of times but it's just doesn't take high res for some reason. Hence imgur link
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    @Vikram Ye, I just had to post it tho. It was too fitting 😄
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    Reminds me of Facebooks 16:9 auto convert to 4:3 picture issue.

    I bet if you converted the image to 4:3 it would display at the correct resolution. :-)

    I had to do this too at local photo printing place, as otherwise they would take a 16:9 picture and cut off all the bits you wanted..

    So had to make them 4:3 with extra blank border pieces to pad it out, so the assistant didn't have to fiddle around with anything and chop off the bits of the picture we actually wanted !
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    You should be sorry for the pic lol
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    My eyes x_x
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    Let me guess - the customer moaned about low quality graphics.
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