I hate when people don't capitalize ID in all caps. It is confusing when the write it as Id or id, because I don't know if they're talking about an identifier or the aspect of human nature that exists from birth that subconsciously drives you to want to fuck your mother.

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    I used to write it as ID, but now I always use Id.

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    Yes, ID.
    Also, our avatars are strangely similar.
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    No, just lazy.
    Shift is extra work.

    Also, my mother is a bitch so fuck her metaphorically.

    And how does Freudian psycrapery apply to women, anyway? Or did he simply ignore that the other half of the population also exists and thinks? Ah, right, we don't contribute anything and resist change, and only seek to take. We don't think. Goddamn that guy was a sexist asshole.
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    ID isn’t an abbreviation though, it’s the first two letters of the word “identifier” or “identification”.
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    oh #TIL
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    Always lowercase because databases should only use only lowecase
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    @Root actually he did talk about the feminine counterpart, but it was a guy named Carl Gustav Jung that gave the name "Electra complex" to it. Electra which is also a part of a greek myth. Freud's work is actually very interesting I suggest you read at least a resumed version of it. I did read and found it amusing :)
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    Just use ID or id, anything else is annoying.
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