I wish devRant had a section called “comic strips” or equivalent. I freakin love these dev ones.

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    To filter out those pesky reposted memes? Good idea
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    Someday we'll have to run all of our images through some image recognition systems to classify them into different categories for nuanced filtering. Would include "comic" "meme" "photo" etc
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    @trogus how about having devrant's own comic strip? Something like cartoons but not videos
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    @YourNemesis we were actually talking about this recently. I think it might be hard to compete so directly with bitstrips and xkcd. The video arena looked more wide open, but they are crazy time consuming. I'll see how much effort it takes to produce a comic, might be fast.
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    @trogus lol, I was just thinking of this too. Do you care if I started?
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    Wow my rant is not entirely useless this time. 🤣
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