I have my first developer interview next week. I'm really nervous. Its an interview for both a front end role and a php backend role, and they are hiring 9 developers.
I'm a full stack developer, dot net core backend and learning React.js frontend. My html and CSS knowledge is fine but I don't quite have a grasp of js yet. As for php, I know nothing, but the recruiter said they are looking to train someone and I explained that I enjoy learning, not to mention php is very popular so it's a good tool to have knowledge with.
I've been told to look at their site, so I've written a list of about ten aspects of the site that I like and that I would change. From the lack of interactivity to images being larger than necessary, something that could be optimised.
The interview will be an hour and a half long and I'm shitting myself. Im not a confident person as is, plus I suffer from anxiety. I'm mostly worried about being put on the spot with questions like "tell me your best achievement". I will rehearse the obvious questions this weekend.
Doss anyone have any advice? Good experiences, bad experiences etc.

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    Try to explain your learning abilities & if you don't know something that they ask you about, tell them there's so many technologies in softwares world & highlight that you can pick stuff up quickly & that you're a self starter.. give them an example & they'll believe you.
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    1) good luck! 2) it's your first interview, these things take time to find the right match, so don't put too much pressure on yourself. You'll learn so much from this experience even if you don't get the job, stuff that will make you ace your next interview. 3) good luck!
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    @-psr that's very true. Javascript, for example, is easy to pick up. If the role was heavily reliant on js I would do my best to learn what is needed for the role in my free time.
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    @trogus good advice and I'm aware that I will learn so much from this experience but finding work where I live is hard so I'd love to land this job!
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    I got the job! 😊 😊 😊
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    @Braed congrats!
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    @trogus thank you! 😊
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