Stayed up coding all night to make sure things worked nicely. An hour before I left work yesterday, received 5 other never spoken off tasks.

none of the communication went directly by me, I just had to hear out the nonsense, but did a complete integration half a year ago

managed to do 3,8 of those task after working out and finishing the first set. became 5am.
might be because I went mental and have synced up 2repo's with idem dito codebase to be up to date to eachother (don't ask me why this is setup this way, I don't get half of their logic, hence why it doesn't work until I silently patch stuff out)

overslept by an hour.. yay me.

inb4 being fired
(no time for a capitalisation and spellcheck on this rant either, 9.30am now, tired af)

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