It's too early to be asking these questions today:

Are your DB schema changes checked into source control?

What branch are they checked into?

Why are the schema changes checked into one branch, but deployed to a completely different database?

Is my CI pipeline deploying incorrectly? Oh, you manually deployed changes.

Are your DB changes in source control an accurate reflection of what you actually put in the staging database?

Why not?

Can I just cherry-pick update my schema with your changes from the staging database?

Why is there a typo in your field name?

Oh. Why is there a typo in the customer data set? Don't they know how to spell that word?

Why is the fucking staging database schema missing three critical tables?

Is the coffee ready? I need coffee.

Why is the coffee not ready yet?

What's going on in DevRant this morning?

What project am I working on now anyway?

Did my schema update finish yet?

Yup, it finished. Crap. Where the hell do I keep those backup files?

What's the command line to restore the file again?

Why doesn't our CLI tool support automated database restores?

I can fix that. What branch name should I check the CLI tool into?

What project was I working on this morning again?

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