Hello to everyone in this platform. I am a college student who wants to become a software developer from the first class of the high school. Unfortunately, in my country it isn't possible that both study to university exam and learn other stuff(Actually you can if you sleep 6 hours and stay on home every time without a social life). Now I'm glad that I have entered one of the best college in my country, but the information I learn in the college is not enough for me. Because of that I am looking for a good algorithms book that teaches the logic of common algorithms(like binary search, DFS, BFS and the things like that). I know I can learn them on the internet ofc, but currently I have to spend a lot of time on computer so I want to a book version of these information. Sorry for this long post. All book recommendations are appreciated :)

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    @teganburns It looks like an interesting book. I will take a look, thanks!
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