I've had a Twitter bot running for just over a year now. It's going to gain it's 6000th Follower at some point today.
I find it odd that an automated account I made has more Followers than all of my human accounts across all social networks combined - a lot more. I like to wonder about my bot Followers, how many of them are bots? How many of them are real and feel an actual connection with "me" and look forward to my Tweets, blissfully unaware that it's a bot?

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    Twitter weeds out bot/spam accounts, I once had over 150 followers for my fairly reccent account https://twitter.com/legionfrontier, it got weeded to 24 now
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    @legionfrontier I do see the numbers drop ever so slightly sometimes, I guess these are the obvious bots being removed. The rest must be a combination of humans and more sophisticated bots slipping under the radar
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    Let just show you something here
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    It has 5.4k ++
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    @PrivateGER Hahaha that's awesome. My bot Retweets and Likes tweets from an array of interests that I have given it. And also Retweets random quotes from my quote bot.
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    Are such things against the T&C's ?

    Are there any services that allow such AI ?

    I tend to think, if we create API for AI to use (And make it allowable within the T&C!), it would help speed up the development of AI.

    T&C = Terms & Conditions.
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    I was noticing the other day how one of my Facebook groups has increased its membership by 70% in the last 6 months.

    I wonder why ?

    I haven't really done anything to promote it..

    Is this just natural increase ?
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    @Nanos Apparently "automated Tweeting for novelty value" is allowed in the T&Cs. Some functions of my bot may be in violation. However I don't excessively spam or harass and there's definitely worse bots than mine out there. I've gradually added more and more feaures to it as time has gone on, expecting to be taken down at any time... But here we are a year later
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    Funny how we are developing T&C's to allow automated vehicles on the roads, but are much slower to allow automated bots online and in games !
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    @Nanos but games are a display of skill, who would want to play vs a bot? Ai bots have existed in video games for a long time (think of cod's bots),but mixing bots with players would be unfair.
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    > mixing bots with players would
    > be unfair.

    But bots already play !

    I'd much rather the playing field was levelled by allowing normal players to have bots playing on their side too.

    > who would want to play vs a bot?


    If you play a normal game with great players, you spend all your time getting your ass kicked..

    I often see folk asking for games to have AI bots (Like Battlefield 2 for example, but after that, they took out the bots!), I can imagine for this very reason.

    Eg. People want to enjoy playing a game, so would rather dial the bots AI to be around or below their difficulty level, so they don't beat all the time.

    Elite Dangerous springs to mind there and its solo mode, though the AI is quite weak.

    Think how much more enjoyable the game could be if we had an AI API and players could plug in bots with various skills to play against/etc.

    Or play as wingmen/etc.
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    @Nanos that's a great point. As a hardcore competitive bf3 player, I can see why people might want a break from public games in favour of bots. I actually spent many hours farming bots on COD BO2 just because it was casual and fun. 😊
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    Is one of the reasons why I'm writing my own game with an AI API feature.

    I rather liked how C&C series spawned various AI plugins by folk with different character behaviour.

    It would be nice to see that in a Doom/Quake style setting.

    I think one of my favourite games there was Unreal Tournament and its excellent AI bot range, with adjustable skill levels to play against.

    Just I'd like it if that had grown to include more environments, like Elite Dangerous, Eve-Online, etc.

    It might be a niche market, but as I plan to release it freeware with donations excepted, I think it could work.

    The worst, is that I'll end up with a game I like, and other people will no doubt enjoy it too, even if they don't pay for it. :-)

    I think the freeware/donation model solves the piracy issue, and makes installation easier without any protection issues getting in the way.
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    @Nanos sounds very interesting and I certainly agree with the last statement. Drm is a pain and in my opinion, I should pay what I feel the game is worth, not what I'm told it's worth. Many games coming from big companies like ea and ubisoft these days don't even run well and simply aren't worth £40. I pirate most games, and then buy the ones I enjoyed afterwards (when I have money eeek)
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    Another benefit of developing a product with an AI API hook is that you can then develop robot AI, even remote telepresence (It has several names these days I notice..) control.

    As at the moment, I don't see the limitations being hardware so much, as software.

    Eg. An AI driven tractor, could be driven by a real person, could be driven remotely by a real person, and could be driven by an AI, if only we had developed one to do so. :-)

    And a good way of developing AI is to produce games with AI API's so thousands of people can work on AI routines that you can then use in the real world !

    Just think, you could get paid to work in a game ploughing a field with a real tractor..

    And still get paid if the AI bot you develop is doing your job too. :-)

    Seems a win win to me..

    And yet, practically no games even allow bots, let alone encourage their development on a massive scale !

    And yet, illegal bots are slowly evolving in games, whether we like it or not !
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    @Nanos wow that was very interesting and informative. I've never given ai much thought until now.
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