On a 5 hour bus ride for which the company advertised that they have WiFi. Technically they did, it just didn't seem to be connected to anything. (it was but it was unusable). I tried logging into the router as i always do and one default "admin" password later i was in.
I didn't want to mess up anything too badly, however i did change the wpa password to "YouShouldMakeThisABitMoreSecure"

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    Is that always your first course of action? Log into someone else's router? You're a born hackerman man 😄
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    @Froot yes it is and no I'm not 😆
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    @hellvetica is your name a reference to the font or the confederation?
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    @Wack it's a reference to the font as well as my love for our lord and saviour satan.
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    Two years ago I was in a bar in Prague drinking with my new friends and some of them were really impressed when I got bored, logged into the router in 2 attempts and changed the router and AP name to IAmSoSecure 😁🤷
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