Windows is such a great os. Especially after you installed the windows updates. Look what cool features it unlocked :

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    Is it a dual boot?
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    Yeah Antergos and Win10. Fixed it already but pisses me off that windows always fucks up the bootloader
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    I've broken out of grub rescue many times...
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    That's why I don't use grub. I just manually select what drive to boot.
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    @WildOrangutan maybe you don't see it but you still use grub.
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    i have grub installed on a usb. on boot if usb is connected arch starts.
    else windows's bootloader loads windows.
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    @shelladdicted that's a great idea. How can I do that?
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    @brunofontes install grub on your linux os (do not install it on mbr) you only need it to generate/update grub config files (aka /boot/grub/grub.cfg)

    the quickest way to install grub on usb is to use rufus (windows software) flash a linux ISO
    when it's done go in <USB>/boot/grub/grub.cfg and replace its content with "configfile <pathToGrubcfg>" example: "configfile (hd0,gpt7)/boot/grub/grub.cfg"

    and remember google is your friend.
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    @shelladdicted thank you so much! I will try it. :)
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    Never great when grub ask you to type something !
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    It's actually been 6ish months since windows updates broke my grub

    Which is kinda interesting
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    This is my fear, that's why I physically disconnected my arch-ssd when booting windows.
    Can't fuck something up if it isn't there 🙃
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    @Kyu96 how u fixed it bcdedit? I uninstalled windows because of it .. But just want to have windows to control alienware lights.
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    Joke's on you!
    I have 2 separate HDD!
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    Hey I use that everyday ..
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    Grub no like windows
    Grub sad
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    I always carry a Linux USB, usually Kali... You can then mount your Linux file system on your Hdd, chroot into it, and run update-grub.
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    @Kyu96 how did you fix it?
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    @Jop- a yes, I tried that one but gave up after it ran for roughly an hour.. in the end I reinstalled everything.
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    @shelladdicted dude I just did an Ubuntu install on an USB stick last week and it was impossible to boot from USB until I put the Grub on top in bcdedit. So it boots in grub every time, even if the USB is not connected.
    I admire you O_O
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