So Friday afternoon is always deployment time at my company. No sure why, but it always fucks us.

Anyways, last Friday, we had this lovely deployment that was missing a key piece. On Wednesday I had tested it, sent out an email(with screenshots) saying "yo, whoever wrote this, this feature is all fucked up." Management said they would handle it.

The response email. 1(out of 20) defects I sent in were not a defect but my error. No further response, so I assume the rest were being looked into.

In a call with bossman, my manager states that the feature is fixed, so I go to check it quickly before the deployment(on Friday).


I am currently working on Saturday, as the other guy refuses to see the problem! It is blatant, and I got 3 other people to reproduce to prove I am not crazy!

On top of that, the code makes me want to vomit! I write bad code. This is like a 3rd grader who doesn't know code copy-pasted from stack overflow! There is literally if(A) then B else if(!A) then B! And a for loop which does some shit, and the line after it closes has a second for loop that iterates over the same unaltered set! Why?! On top of that, the second for loop loops until "i" is equal to length-1, then does something! Why loop???

The smartest part of him ran down his Mama's leg when it saw the DNA dad was contributing!

Don't know who is the culprit, and if you happen to see this, I am pissed. I am working on Saturday because you can't check your code or you lied on your resume to get this job, as you are not qualified! Fuck you!

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    Oh, this is so painful!
    Hold on there buddy.
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    Yeesh, Friday deployments?
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    @allthingsinmod We may not deploying every Friday, but when we do a major deployment it is scheduled for Friday at like 3. Which rolls into 6 or so...
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    What prevents your company from doing continuous deployment?
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    @rising Showing my inexperience, what is continuous deployments?

    Our current plan is trying to make it look good for the boss, so it goes like "Look at the 150 things we did last 2 weeks! Play with them all and don't notice as we panic deploy hot fixes." Also, the testers demand no deployments until they are done which can take a week...
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    @owithg take a look at this https://atlassian.com/continuous-de...

    Tldr: you merge code branchs to master as often as possible, you push your local changes to repository as often as possible, in small commits.
    Each push will result in automatically running automated tests and deployment if these tests pass.

    Pretty amazing.
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    @rising yeah, sounds great! I would love some setup like this, but nobody really seems to know what is going on enough to do that. We have no automated testing even though some of us has pushed for it. It is very "get it done!" Mentality with people overwriting other people's changes...

    I am no excusing the bad behavior my team has committed(some of us have done our best to stop it, but most don't even care anymore), but we have been in crunch time for 8 months now, so most people just don't give a fuck haha
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    @owithg seems like a toxic environment to work in. Tbh I would start looking for another job if I were you.

    Btw, DevOps is the name given to people whose job is to setup and maintain this infrastructure of CD/CI (the whole concept behind it is also called DevOps)

    Altho normal developers/engineers can also take care of it.
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    @rising Yeah, I am trying to find ANYTHING to get me out.

    We have a devops leader funny enough. Not sure what ours actually does though. Not ragging on the profession, just haven't seen ours do anything in particular
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    @owithg hahaha hilarious, the poor devop might be just doing his job the old way. Maybe he doesn't care enough to upgrade the infrastructure or maybe he's also looking for a way out. You never know.

    Well good luck to you, buddy!
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    @rising 😁😁
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    👌 rant
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    Quality Ranting Certificate
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    Now that's some real rant. Hope you get out of there soon.
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    @owithg just did a Sunday deployment. Felt like doing some iceboxey stuff. ðŸĪŠ hope you’ve gotten some of your weekend back! Hang in there.
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