When Python ruins your museum experience :(
There were about four all up like this.

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    It's not Pythons fault.
    Look it's running on Windows. I wouldn't run on Windows too if I where Python.
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    Nice shirt :p
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    Hay Moooooorty
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    I am pickleriiiiiickkkkk
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    When ever I see a Rick and Morty post. I upvote. ++
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    Is it touch screen? I feel like if it was you could get it working again.

    In fact I did this once.
    Program crashed, so I navigated the mouse to the program that was sitting right there on the desktop.

    *Lawful Good*
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    Get Swifty!(?)
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    @RobertSmits if I were Python I would run _from_ Windows. Am I right ladies and gentlemen?
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    @iSwimInTheC sadly not touchscreen, though I did try!
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    Note to self: ensure whatever geeky/fun shirt I'm wearing appears in future posts, it seems to attract attention haha
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    ++ for the shirt xD
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