do you think there will be no mobile apps after 10 years.

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    What kind of question is this? Everything within a mobile OperatingSystem is an application nowadays. Even the standard Google applications are referred to as g-apps.

    Please be more specific
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    @R5on11c because there is a limited storage on phones and there are too many apps. so maybe in future other alternative will come in which you don't need apps.
    what you think?
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    Sorry if i might come across as bold but.
    That's ridiculous. No matter how you package your functionality, as core functions of your OS or as apps, the storage consumption will be the same.

    As long as you require functionality in that kind of quantity you will need to provide storage.

    But i honestly don't see the problem. With current storage standards you have no problem setting up a well rounded, multi-functional mobilephone. The only thing that might get in your way is mass storage of data. Things like Whatsapp and the likes are likely to eat up your storage quite fast when used intensely.

    So keep that in mind.
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    I fail to care whether or not there will be apps 10 years from now. I don't even care if there are apps today.
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