Discovered that its possible to bookmark places in code for easy access.

My whole life has been a lie so far.

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    Simple answer, ctrl+F2(toggle) and F2(move to next).
    Works in subline.
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    Ctrl + k, k in Visual Studio.
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    Just add a comment with whatever identifying text you want, and when you come back you can get back to that point with a simple text search.
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    It is double "ctrl + k"
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    This is a thing too in vim. It even allows global bookmarks so it saves which file it's in and is accessable from anywhere.
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    I have yet to encounter a better coding tool than vim.
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    @AboMahdi Is it not implied that you continue to hold down Ctrl when dealing with keyboard shortcuts?
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    There are shortcuts like collapsing the code
    That you can perform using
    "ctrl + m", "o" or
    "ctrl + m", "ctrl + o"
    So there is another possibility
    So I had to specify
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    @AboMahdi fair point
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    @bahua This is what I do.
    All my special comments start with two hashes, have one or more type marks, and a comment.


    ##! This will break if (other condition) happens.
    ##+ Add (minor feature) here
    ##-? This probably isn't needed any longer.
    ##? Will this still behave correctly if (blah blah)?

    I often use grep to find all instances of these.
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