You know what really grinds my gears more than anything else? Not having anything to work on at work.

That might sound like the most german thing to say but bear with me for a second.

Even though i am almost one year into my job as a junior dev, i consider myself and i probably am very new to the coding world. And even if i weren't new i would still have to continuously learn and improve. And every time i just sit in front of my working station, with nothing to do, i'd rather figure out an incredibly tedious bug, learn lisp or deal with a shitty framework.

Most of the time i don't know what to do. I improve my workflow with some bash-scripts and aliases, i read into the details of certain tools but at the end of it, i can't really get into something deeper and get value out of it because actual work might just be around the corner...

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    @DevilInside i don't know where you work but just fucking going home ain't no option. I am being paid to be there at least 8 hours a day and for a good reason.

    When my team has a blocker, you can't just drop the towel and leave...
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    @irene it's not so much about it being boring, it's about not being able to learn and not being able to be productive.

    If there is one thing i cannot stand it's wasted time. I stand up every morning with the opportunity to learn, grow and make my life better and it would be a shame if it went unused.
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