Well. I'm stressed and a bit sick so let me tell you this you fuckers: I don't want to play in your little mindfucking game where everything is about efficiency, money and who has the biggest dick around.

Usually I'm the idealistic, positive kind of guy who spreads love and lets people do their things as long as they just don't fuck with him.

Right now though, just go fuck yourself in your damn stupid car you fancy fucker because I don't care about your big dick you have to show off on every occasion. I don't give a fuck about your big paycheck or your smart ass. I'm so sick of this industry mouse wheel and modern slavery where it is made extra hard to enjoy our lives and unfold who we really wanna be because some stupid asshead is not able to fill his hollow emptiness with bare love but has to swallow loads of cash instead giving him the craziest form of diarrhea.

Com'on! We kind of tamed the planet. We put so much effort and created a huge system with so many securities and still we are not able to simply live freely, share love, opinions and great ideas. Why is it still so common to define yourself about your projects, paycheck and false effort? Instead of how much good you give to others, how self-consistent you are, how good you treat yourself?

All I want from you is a bit honesty to yourself. How about being nicer to yourself, letting your love unfold for the sake of releasing that love to the world?
For me you will be a hero!

I believe that the personal happiness is influenced not only by your surroundings but mostly how you interact with it. Karma basically. So yeah, normally I'd say you can simply decide to ignore that shit, walk on your path and decide to be what you want to be no matter what dickheads cross your path, but honestly I just had to get that rant out because this ridiculous nonsense makes me so sick right now.

I'm successful right now. I have the privilege to decide on being happy and I know that not everyone has this privilege. I believe, spreading love will also spread this privilege.

That said, have a nice day!

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    Sometimes I think, that devs (with bunch of other countless IT professionals) are the only hope of mankind
    But not all, I mean those, who don't give a fuck about money.
    Have you ever rejected offer with salary 4x bigger than you have now, just because you don't like the idea? I did
    So, sometimes I just dream about small island with society built just like open source, but with closed entrance to keep those stupid dumbasses far away and allow people to enter only after valuable contributions to e-government codebase.
    Just my 5 cents, I'm dreamer, like John Lennon said
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    @hube that's why I 'resorted' to just share and give as much love as possible in my area of influence and dropped any higher expectations. Sometimes I get so pissed that I have to get it out of me though :D

    In general I decided to not give in to the depressing thought that everything is lost, even if it might be. It is much easier that way to be kind to all the people I meet everyday on the streets :)
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    @rostopira I agree that public money - public code, the idea behind free software and open organisations are great concepts. I also agree that many devs I know seem to be quite reasonable and kind-hearted, but I also noticed that with many people I get to know lately.

    I disagree with the island idea though, since I'd rather get everyone into the boat ( yeah, I'm a helpless fool :/ )
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    @w4tsn you are rejected from entering island now,.
    /*Island is launched and heading to Mars */
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