That moment when a friend was talking to you about an artificial intelligence he is building that is supposed to be a voice assistence and "even better" than Cortana. After a long time I asked him for the code like I wanted to check out the revolutionary techniques of machine learning he was talking about. So here is a short part of the 600 lines long "voice logic".
I almost started crying 😂😂

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    You're just jealous because you don't have your own voice assistant. 🤣
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    I was thinking about building something like this. But for myself, so I could shout at my coffee machine for more coffee.
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    @JS96 Ok, I have to admit that I've always wanted a soo cool voice assistent 😱
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    Hard coded af
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    Why do so many DACH programmers write varibel and class names in their native language? Is this taught in your universities or what's going on?
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    @typodeaf I sometimes do it because I'm lazy. Its easier to talk to a cliënt about working on the frage class then the question class and explaining thats what handles the fragen.
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    @typodeaf Unfortunately they teach this at our school. They for instance name pointers "Zeiger", which is the german word for pointer. Even at some universities these "conventions" are taught. I personally would not even call them conventions.
    But well yea, I for example taught myself about conventions and learned for time to time, you never stop learning. You just have to learn the right things 😊
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    I have one.... 😅
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    At least he is trying. Intellij made me happy, good choice! haha
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    Indeed still better than Cortana
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    @typodeaf I don't get it either. My "favorite" was our informatics teacher at school:
    He told all other teachers to only program in english, then proceeded to mix german and english like a psycho.
    Also, he was the headmaster.
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    Teacher: Oh! Look. My student has something to say...
    Programmer: I am the ultimate genius, giving mankind the true AI. World! Brace yourself for the next era of science!!!
    Teacher: (looks at the code). Oh nooo! It's retarded : /
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    A couple of billion more of these if-statement and we will see who is laughing.

    The dev is, in a room with some nice soft walls.
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    At least he could have used a hashmap...
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    Poor friend. He doesn't know AI.. and that he is at the bottom of programming food chain. He even uses a gazillion else if. So sad. :(
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