So i am stuck, i have assignments to complete, i know what i need to do, but every single time i sit down to write them up, my mind goes blank and i get extremely fustrated any advice? thanks.

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    Break your assignments down into sections to get a structure: intro, point 1, point 2, evaluation, conclusion, references etc etc. Then break your sections down into key parts/points (tasks).

    I did this on both my undergrad and postgrad, and it helped me complete mammoth assignments with minimal repetition.
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    Take a good shower
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    This is what I did just yesterday when I felt the same way:

    I wrote a to-do list, this helped me break down my assignment.

    I had sections for each major part, for me, I had two sections - each with their to-do's.

    Each of these to-do's had three levels of completeness, unchecked, dash(half complete, needs work) and checked.

    This workflow made me complete my assignment long before the deadline, and it let me finally relax 😀
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    Mentally prepare yourself before you start off the work. I used to play a video game before I started working in assignments or started studying. Wired me up and made me alert, while killing the stress.

    Find something that does the same for you.
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