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    Full stack web dev has no idea what an ssh key is. He is telling me that he can't read the key file, it would be kind of me if I could send him a .txt file instead.

    Fuck me man...

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    Is he a Full stack or full schmuck?
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    google + 3min
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    Who diagnosed how fully stacked he is, himself?
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    @wokeRoach that's what his profile said
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    @tahnik Haha. The resume of a god, the work ethic of a high-schooler
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    Don't insult us high schoolers
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    The majority of self-proclamed Full Stack developers is a bunch of stupid ignorant devs who know nothing.

    There is this ex coworker that is a dumb fuck who knows nothing and in his LinkedIn/Facebook profiles it is stated that he is one of them... This idiot once hardcoded "localhost" in one of the URLs and pushed to master... After 2 years with us...

    Thank god I don't have to work with him anymore...
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    @ewpratten Painting with a broad brush, mate, no offense :)
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    @Azous too profane
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