A webcrawler that uses deep learning to find realy bad small and medium business websites. So that you could sell them a new shiny website.

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    Had a try on that with image recognition for good an bad sites.. The crawler will take screenshots from every link path on that side and tries to score the shot from 1-10 against good designs... You can specifiy which is lowest score you will save or you can save all
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    @Andrian cool! did it work? :)
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    @uh6275 because a lot business owners are not tech savy and don't understand the importance or are helpless about the internet.
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    @heyheni we're using it atm for our clients to see how they perform vs how their competitors perform... I'm also implementing our own speed and UX Test for that model.
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    @L8NightScience let's make one?
    Altough as a designer i'm no use for coding.
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