What actual pain is, trying to install CUDA on Windows (that should be a pain there itself) and all after 3 hours you realize your lappie doesn't support it (Geforce 820M)! There goes my dream of Theano, PyCuda and Tensorflow-gpu ...

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    Same here. I will probably buy a computer or build one myself
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    I've tried to do machine learning e.g. on my laptop.
    It just takes way too much resources.
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    why would you do that to yourself?
    spin up an amazon machine when you need those.
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    I really wish to know why tensor flow doesn't work with opencl on amd cards...
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    I don't believe a long lasting future in proprietary technology like CUDA. Open software designed for multi-purpose computation like OpenCL is the way to go. Also it can run code either on CPU, GPU or even on FPGA.
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    Use DA CLOUD. Google even offers tensor machines. That's their business model fir tensor flow.
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