Just spoke with another teams developer. (She's using Java)

Her: so we get a json object from your service, I want an array
Me: well that's not what you said in the specs... And it's not hard since it's just a Map
Her: what Map? It's JSonObject I need an Array
Me: give me the library your using..
Her: here...

I Google the documentation and methods and paste the link and the methods to use:

-length (she also wanted count)

This ain't JS, just use the . operator and go thru all the methods' docs... Or learn to use Google

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    Whats she using?
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    Finding information and reading the doc are underestimated skills, and too many people are lacking these skills
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    facepalm moment.
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    @magicMirror I ruined ur perfect# so here's a pic
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    @BindView jettison.*
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    @Condor not really... More like this is 80% of my company. Only reason I'm still here is personal circumstances make it hard for me to get a better job... as I've learned over the last few years I've tried...

    Better to use the time for something else but still gotta put up with these monkeys...
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    @billgates, lots of sarcasm, and generally being unpleasent when asked stupid questions helped me through those times. now I'm in a much better place.
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    @GarreauArthur programming is 99% knowing what to type into google.
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