Was at school the other day and met a dude who was told by an acquaintance that I'm a "computer guy".

Dude comes up to me and jokes that the acquaintance was spreading rumors about me being a programmer. I was a bit confused and tell him that I do in fact program, and then he asks me what I've done, to which I explain what languages I've dealt with.

Next thing he asks me: "Have you made an OS?"


He tells me about how he went through Linux From Scratch. I have no idea how in-depth that book goes, if someone who has read it could enlighten me that'd be nice.

Acquaintance mentions that I won an app contest. (At this point, I'm internally telling acquaintance to shut his face.) I explain what I made(an Android app that helps sort Lego pieces) and he promptly tells me that I just used an API and barely wrote any code.

After (hopefully calmly) going back and forth with him, I just say "So I write bad code. What's it matter to you?" He stopped talking right there.

He apologized later. Yeah right, I'm sure you're sorry.

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    Linux from Scratch is about how to put Linux together, not how to write an OS.
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    Writing an OS is a monumental undertaking full of ridiculous levels of arcane sorcery. No exaggeration.

    It's not like building redux from scratch. It's like building a helicopter from scratch... except it's much, much harder.
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    Iirc LFS is more of a "here's the main shit you'll need, add shit to it and good luck" rather than "How to make an Operating System: Volume 1 of 783".

    I know a friend of mine made something from LFS, don't know what became of it.
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    Dragons?! @irene++
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    @irene ahh... No?
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    @irene not gonna like that kinda sounds boring IMO.
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    Tbh, I don't see why people should be immediately criticised for using an API. That's like saying any dev using a game engine like Unity, Source or Unreal Engine is bad.
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