Today I had the pleasure to introduce to my Professor (who teaches Python) that you could cause a keyboard interrupt typing Ctrl-c. Her logic was that "Ctrl-c is for Copy" and the only way to end a infinite Loop in the shell is to, "X out the Window." She also clearly has never dealt with linux or terminals.

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    Is she hot at least? Or super old? Gotta be one of the two.
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    How can this type of people be at such a high positions?
    So Fucking undeserved. But hey(hey hey~), life is like that. We gotta deal with dumbfucks like these.
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    @paranoidAndroid lol. She is really old.
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    @gitpull She's honestly not that bad. But she has been in the industry so long, that she can no longer speak in layman's terms. She likes to complicate explanations.
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    That's what I see from any freshman here.
    Almost all don't know how to use a shell, not even a simple "cd". And all fiddle around with the mouse all day long, instead of learning the basic keyboard shortcuts for the main tools.

    It makes my hair stand on end when I see someone starting or stopping a build or debugging session from the icon bar or even the menu. Or debug stepping *aaaarrrrrggghhhh*

    Best thing is using git. Everybody says it's so complicated using the shell, and then they're stuck with their graphical tools hiding all the useful stuff. Tinker around half an hour without success, where one or two commands would solve everything.
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    @ddephor The incredible thing is that I really don't know how to use git. I'm more comfortable with a terminal. I guess I've never had a project demanding enough to document.
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    First, there's no such thing as code that couldn't use more documentation.

    Second, git is definitely not a tool for documentation.
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    Also, how can someone know python but not Linux? I understand it works in Windows, but it feels like a hack to run a high level language in Windows. The sh-bang doesn't even work the same!
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    @bahua I tend to disagree, GitHub is the place where large projects go to get larger and peer reviewed. It's where documentation of a project is placed and the lack thereof is noticed. I have nothing against GitHub, I've just never had to use it for a project.
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    @bahua The funny story is I was having to use work arounds while running Python on linux until I installed IDLE.
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    @JohnScott git != GitHub

    git is a version control system. Versioning can be part of documentation, but it's not its main task. That is keeping track of changes.

    GitHub is a site which hosts git repositories, so it uses git.

    But you can use git without Github.
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