I got a very low power Netbook lately for basically no money.

I thought about using it for some server monitoring / server access via ssh console.

Which Linux distros would you recommend for such a use case. Tried Something like core-os and Debian(lxde) yet but wasn't very satisfied with both options. Both could not display the battery capacity and Debian didn't detect the Intel WiFi.

The Netbook has 512mb of ram which should be fine for a lightweight gui and more than enough for a ssh connection 😅

Thanks a lot for the recommendations :)

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    512mb? in 2018.

    Hmm.. Have you heard about haiku?;
    "absolute linux";
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    Tinycore. Slack (portheus).
    Is it a eepc? Beware many modern distros don't support that cpu.
    BSD also works well.
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    @navin I'll give haiku a try, liked it in the past.

    Do they still continue it?
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    @nbamaral basically it's one. But with a "normal" but very low power Intel CPU
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    Bunsenlabs :)
    Dont forget the lwlwifi.deb package
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    Concerning Debian and Wi-Fi divers:
    Did you configure apt to include contrib and non-free? Some Wi-Fi divers are proprietary software or have proprietary dependencies and therefore are not included in main.
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    @exit-failure did this, also installed the missing firmware
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    @StazC Yeah brother. They still continue developing it. They even had tasks in Google code-in 2017. It has less bugs now.
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    @navin just looked up their website, the latest stable version is from 2012 :/
    Do you have experience with the nightly builds?
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    Gentoo, con it takes a long time to install everything.
    Pro install only what you need, no bloatware, hardware recognition software or any other bit of code with a feedback loop you don't need.
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    @StazC Yeah. They are the updates iguess. And again yes, I have used them. Remember, always go to the latest one. Else you'll stuck somewhere. Yet the apps have updated by the kids of google codein. So, you can put some hope in it..
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    Or go with arch Linux you don't have to build everything from source like Gentoo but you do get only a terminal from the installer.

    Or go with Manjaro it's a arch but with better tested software
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