I need to performance monitor our web app. I have been working on some speed improvments since some of our customers have complained. My boss wants me to be able to produce stats which he can use (and abuse) to highlight to customers that we have got quicker. I am currently looking at blackfire for PHP profiling to help with speeding things up but I need a top site overview for everything. Our stack is PHP (no framework), JS (jquery + vanilla), MySQL on Windows mainly. On premise solutions would be good since we don't traditionally run in the Cloud. Our system isn't SaaS and is installed on dedicated data centre servers or on premise

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    What speed issues do your clients encounter?

    If the servers are owned by the company maby add hardware/servers

    What's the apps main purpose?
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    @Triskelion It's not the server. We know the issues (the known known, not the unknown unknowns) but I just need some software which will show me that changes have made it quicker or not worse.
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    If you use jetbrains for IDE this is a good option imho
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