Teacher: Homework for next time is to make 2 web pages with three javascript.
* whole class is quiet *
Me: What's "three JavaScript"
T: undefined
M: Do you mean three files?
T: No, I mean three JavaScript.
M: Okay, so let's go with five CSS and twelve HTML as well then...

Please, go somewhere else when you can't explain your OWN HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT. Holy fuck.

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    @DLMousey no, we haven't talked about frameworks and the course plan only covers how to copy javascript from other sources. You don't have to actually learn it.
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    "T: undefined"
    Yup that checks out
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    @DLMousey I'm with you, it must be one of those mind games teachers sometimes do where they know 90% of the class will flounder but one or two people will get it. I would make two website's using threeJS haha
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    Probably meant literally three <script/> tags or something equally banal.
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    @agaskins good idea. I should do that 😂
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    Npm i -g gatsby-cli

    for i in "${sites}"

    gatsby new $site


    Wrote you a command that does your homework XD run it like {commandName} site1 site2 site3

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    This makes React developer blush. For most of my project, I seems only has 1 html, 1 bundle.js and I don't even use CSS anymore 😳
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    @sslPoodle So what's the replacement?
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    @olback you can write sass in JS
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    @olback Saas , less
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    @H4K3R end product is still CSS.
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    Yes but today we prefer intensive use of Saas , less over CSS hard coding
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    <script>document.write("HELLO WORLD Ⅰ");</script>
    <script>document.write("HELLO WORLD Ⅱ");</script> <script>document.write("HELLO WORLD Ⅲ");</script>

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    @qwert random prefix numbers. lol
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